Refine your written materials from good to great with the 南方浸信会 editing service.

We fix what’s wrong. The purpose of editing is to polish your work grammatically without changing your voice unnecessarily or diminishing your authenticity.

Run by a team of experienced editors, we ensure your essay writing receives a professional makeover.

Why should you take this last step with 南方浸信会?


After an 南方浸信会 review, your documents will be 100% error free. 我们保证.

2. 焦点

Many editing services will have you believe that all graduate school applications should be approached in the same way. However, business school is unique in many ways, and your approach must reflect that. The Stacy Blackman Consulting editing team is focused exclusively on business school – our time and resources are fully devoted to researching and understanding business school admissions.

3. 我们的编辑

Stacy Blackman Consulting has assembled an exceptional team of editors, and they intimately know grammar and structure.

阅读我们的 clients have said about our superior service.


步骤1: 选择您的 edit package and pay.
步骤2: Upload your documents.

We will return your edited essay within the specified time.

Are you seeking input on content strategy, school-specific priorities, and differentiation relative to who you are competing against? This work is done by our consultant team via our 每小时服务 and is outside the scope of editing work. Hourly is done by MBA grads or former MBA Admissions Officers. 查看十大热门博彩首页 在这里.

Editing services does not entail reducing word count.  Applicants should ensure their submitted essays are within the stated word count or not overwritten by more than 10%. For advice on how to reduce word count, we can offer that via the 每小时服务 because it’s an interactive discussion based on an applicant’s priorities.


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